Daily Archives: July 9, 2014

Three ways of shooting a stick insect

The mediterranean stick insect (Bacillus rossius) is one of the longest insect in Europe, with a length up to 10 cm. Therefore, it happens to be a good subject for even a wide angle macro shot. I have found an adult female in Dalmatia, on our family holiday so immediately ran back to the apartment to bring my gear. Luckily, it was still hanging on the plant where I spot it. First I took the Sigma 15mm fisheye lens and installed the twin flash including the softboxes. The wide angle presents the closer and the farer environment too:

Hand-held exposure at 1/100 sec. ƒ/22 ISO 400, the subject was illuminated with diffused flashlight.

The next style is completely different: focal length is 100 mm, aperture wide open, making the background blurred, separating the insect from its ambience:

I took this photo with the Canon EF100/2.8 USM macro lens hand-held at 1/400 sec. ƒ/4.5 ISO 100, direct sunlight was reflected from the right.

At last, I got closer with the MP-E65 lens and took a 2:1 mixed light exposure, focusing on the unusual head. Here I used a single flash diffused with white plastic foam board, the background was lit by the sun.

Hand-held exposure at 1/80 sec. ƒ/10 ISO 400, field of view = 18×12 mm, uncropped.